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Design/build construction has some very clear advantages over the more traditional design/bid/build process. From the overall client experience to the streamlined communication, lower costs, and expedited timelines. Read on to learn more about the benefits a design/build team can bring to your next construction project. Design/Build Projects are a Team Effort An early hurdle of […]

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As the old adage goes, “people don’t plan to fail, they simply fail to plan.” If you hope for a successful construction project, the pre-construction planning phase is a crucial step that must be completed prior to breaking ground. During this phase, your construction company will plan, analyze, and establish the anticipated needs and hurdles […]

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A crisis is an event that threatens the viability or integrity of a business. They come in many forms and have the ability to undermine even the most prospering and thriving organizations. What is a Crisis Management Plan? A crisis management plan is a basic guide or outline to provide a response system to a […]

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Whether you have come to the decision to build a self-storage unit as part of an investment or a new business venture, understanding the basics of self-storage construction is a must. Locate a Property and Complete a Market Analysis You will need to lease or purchase the land your self-storage facility will reside on. While […]

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Wine caves have been around for nearly 7,000 years, with the first known wine cave reported in Iran and then later in Roman catacombs. This long, rich history eventually expanded throughout Europe and all the way to our local Sonoma and Napa Counties. Some of the first wine caves in the United States were constructed […]

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FDC has been providing pre-engineered metal buildings to our clients in Northern California and the greater west since 1972.  In four decades, we have built over 5 million SF of pre-engineered metal buildings in all industries and in all shapes and sizes: from wineries, airport hangers, self-storage facilities, warehouses and more. A pre-engineered metal building […]

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